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Teeth Whiteners in Spring, TX

With our advanced materials and techniques, teeth whitening can be simple and easy. Doing so in a professional dental setting is the most safe and effective way to brighten your smile. Cloud9 Dental offers whitening as part of your annual cleaning, as a single-visit procedure, or part of a comprehensive smile makeover.

Which teeth whitening services and brands do you offer?

We offer our Whitening For Life in-office teeth whitening procedure, which provides immediate results, and we also offer Venus White Pro take-home whitening trays. A University of Texas study shows that Venus White Pro can take a patient’s smile up to 8.4 shades whiter with virtually no sensitivity. I love boosting my patients’ confidence with this quick and easy procedure!

What's the difference between the two approaches to teeth whitening?

Our in-office procedure provides instant results and avoids the hassle and stress of the take-home alternative. When you come in for a consultation, I can also determine whether or not your tooth discoloration is a result of a more serious oral or medical condition before proceeding. Professional supervision can also ensure your gums and tooth-root surfaces are well-protected during the process.

Our take-home alternative provides more gradual results but is still a safe method of whitening. It is better suited for those with sensitive teeth, and it is also a less expensive option.

Who is a good candidate for teeth whitening?

Anyone whose teeth may be stained can benefit from whitening! We offer options in terms of how white you’re hoping to make your teeth, whether it’s Hollywood-grade spotless or just a quick touchup. I find that my avid coffee, tea, and red wine drinkers, as well as smoking patients, benefit the most from professionally administered whitening.

Is teeth whitening safe for my oral health?

Teeth whitening procedures are safe for most people. However, we do closely monitor treatment and provide an exam beforehand to make sure you qualify for whitening. Some patients with sensitive teeth or roots may experience mild discomfort.