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Cloud 9 Dental

Cosmetic Dentistry in Spring, TX

As a dentist passionate about improving both oral health and appearance, Dr. Washington is highly trained in best cosmetic dentistry practices to provide only the best for her patients.

Which types of cosmetic dentistry services do you offer?

There are many treatment options available for patients to improve their smiles at any age. At your examination or consultation, I will first ensure that your concerns are cosmetic problems, as opposed to a sign of underlying dental disease. Then, I will help you envision what your ideal smile looks like, and we can discuss the options to achieve it.

At Cloud9 Dental, we offer the latest in cosmetic dental services as well as the technologies to assist.

Which types of patients should get cosmetic dentistry?

Anyone with damage to the teeth can benefit. In fact, we treat many children whose baby teeth are damaged and need to be restored until adult teeth replace them.

Anterior crowns, or those for front teeth, need to be natural and durable, allowing normal chewing and smiling without others noticing the crown. I ensure that our anterior crowns will last and remain healthy and attractive for as long as possible.